The K-8 Advantage

Research has shown that students who attend K-8 schools are more academically and socially confident than their peers at K-12 institutions. Among, K-8 schools, what makes ROBS special is that everything we do is rooted in the example of Christ’s grace:

  • Try your best
  • Be understanding when you don’t get it quite right
  • Get up, see what you could do better, and try again

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ROBS Results

Choosing a high school is a big deal in the lives of our students and their parents. Our goal is to enable our students and parents to enter the high school application phase with confidence–and to become the kind of adolescents, students, and adults that fulfill God’s promise.

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Lifelong community

Every year when our eighth graders graduate and move on, our relationship with many of them shifts as well. Instead of us supporting their goals and dreams, they begin to support ours.

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