The Readiness classroom is a whirl of activity. As your child explores the ever-changing theme of the week, she will begin to make connections between her life and the world around her.

A hallmark of the Readiness year is hands-on, sensory play: drawing in shaving cream, measuring kernels of corn, harvesting herbs from our garden. Through dramatic play, your child will imagine working in a zoo, a weather station, or a pet shop. By asking questions and exploring answers, your child will experience the relationship between cause and effect: What happens when I mix blue and yellow paint? What happens when I add vinegar to baking soda? What happens when I plant seeds and water them each day? As you drive home in the afternoon, you may ask your child, “What did you do at school?” He may answer, “We just played.” Of course, he’ll be right—and he’ll be learning every step of the way.

Avid Readers & Writers

In our Readiness classrooms, story time is anything but passive. As his teacher reads, your child will predict what happens next, finish a rhyme, or echo a repeated refrain. Students dive deeper into “focus books,” which are savored and studied for an entire week. On Monday, your child simply listens...

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Master Mathematicians

Educators know that working with your hands does wonders for your brain. That’s why our Readiness math program emphasizes hands-on learning. As the year progresses, your child will recognize numerals, count, sequence, pattern, measure, sort, and classify through activities that are skillfully [disguised][designed] as play. Your child will learn to...

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Curious Scientists

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist,” said astronomer Carl Sagan. Our Readiness students prove that every day. Interdisciplinary units rich in science, math, social studies, and literacy energize young students’ curiosity about the wonders of the world. During the study of colors, students will chart their favorite colors...

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Inspired Artists

Teachers say that art encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities. Therapists say that art allows children to process their world and to deal with strong emotions in a safe way. Artists say that art is valuable for its own sake—for beauty, expression, and the process of creating....

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Global Citizens

Our School’s mission calls us to prepare students to become the leaders of tomorrow—in our city, our country, and our world. In a global world, exposure to other languages and cultures is essential to understanding and cooperating with others. That’s true even in Houston, where over a third of our...

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Faithful Hearts

People are spiritual beings. From our earliest years, we wonder how we came to be. We marvel at the earth, moon, and stars. How did they get in the sky? We believe that for children, the starting point for answers to life’s biggest questions is their own family. You are...

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After-school programming

After-school learning at ROBS includes Prime Time, our extended-day program, as well as a variety of enrichment classes offered until 6:00 p.m. each day for Readiness – Grade 8.

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Enjoy readiness at ROBS!