Prekindergarten is a magical time in a child’s journey at ROBS as every day sparkles with fresh wonders. Students enjoy in-depth author studies featuring the very best in children’s literature. Building blocks of all sizes (some as large as our students!) will introduce kids to important principles of math, design, and engineering, like how to build a bridge that spans a river. Your child’s artistry will blossom as she explores artistic and musical masterpieces from many cultures. We even lay the foundation for public speaking skills with small classroom presentations like “show and tell” and larger performances such as Chapel plays. By the end of this remarkable year, your child will be ready—ready for all the new adventures, challenges, and successes that await.

Avid Readers & Writers

Young children need reading to help them learn about writing, and they need writing to help them learn about reading. That idea anchors our PreK literacy program, which provides the building blocks of reading and writing at just the right pace for each child. While we work hard so students...

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Master Mathematicians

How does a young child learn the commutative property of addition? (You remember that principle, right? A + B = B + A.) For our PreK students, all it takes is a balance scale and a basket of identical cubes and balls. Your child can reason—algebraically!—that if his friend puts...

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Curious Scientists

Deep scientific inquiry and critical thinking can’t be rushed. That’s why our PreK students devote a month of study to nine broad categories about our fascinating world. In “Where We Live,” your child will consider the man-made and natural environments that we call home: houses, skyscrapers, parks, bayous, and much...

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Inspired Artists

The tools of the trade for our PreK artists include the usual suspects: crayons, markers, paint, easels, oil pastels, colored paper, collage materials, and glue. More surprisingly, students also create with objects scavenged from the playground such as flowers, leaves, and acorns, and items from our “loose parts” lab like...

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Global Citizens

[Do we still have Passport to the World in PS? We will need more information to differentiate this more from the Readiness blurb.] Our School’s mission calls us to prepare students to become the leaders of tomorrow—in our city, our country, and our world. In a global world, exposure to...

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Faithful Hearts

[We will need more information to differentiate this from the Readiness blurb.]  People are spiritual beings. From our earliest years, we wonder how we came to be. We marvel at the earth, moon, and stars. How did they get in the sky? We believe that for children, the starting point...

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After-school programming

After-school learning at ROBS includes Prime Time, our extended-day program, as well as a variety of enrichment classes offered until 6:00 p.m. each day for Readiness – Grade 8.

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Enjoy prekindergarten at ROBS!