Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to attract and develop one of the most devoted and creative teaching teams in greater Houston. And candidates often wonder what we’re looking for. 

We admire inquisitive, adept teachers from a vibrant array of backgrounds and experiences, who feel called to educate children.  

What We Value  

Ambitious, flexible teaching 

Walk into a ROBS classroom and chances are you won’t immediately spot the teacher. Grounded by a student-focused approach to learning, our academic curriculum builds upon itself comprehensively with each grade, gaining complexity and depth while maintaining a fluidity that allows our teachers to be as imaginative and courageous as our students. 

Abiding, cherished values 

As a Christian school, we believe God calls each one of us to live with love and to demonstrate Christ’s teachings in our actions. Our distinctive character curriculum, grounded by love, joy peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, encourages students and teachers alike to discover the relevance and applicability of these traits to our modern world–and then to model them. 

Program-driven spaces 

Because we believe the way we learn should inspire the way our physical spaces function, our teachers and administrators continuously work toward designing classrooms that foster integrated, resourceful thinking in every subject area and across all disciplines. Nestled within Houston’s dynamic urban landscape, our campus embraces families in the sometimes messy, always energetic environment of joy-filled learning. 

Self-assured expression 

Whether by encouraging our students to join hand bell choir, the musical or talent show, one of our after-school art classes, or simply to be bold in the classroom, we empower our students to consider how they want to express themselves. We celebrate our student artists–displaying their work, cheering from the audience, promoting experimentation–and as a result, we watch them blossom into well-spoken, confident, and creative individuals. 

Disciplined, graceful sportsmanship 

As coaches, parents, or fans in the stands, we all want our students to play for fun. We also value the sense of responsibility and understanding that comes from relying on others, contributing to a team, and learning to win–and lose–with grace. Students of all ages compete regularly during gym class or as part of the United Church Athletic League, and beginning in sixth grade, our Raiders challenge other local teams. 

Dedicated community 

With more than 2,000 volunteer opportunities on campus for parents, grandparents, and alums, its’ safe to say you’ll experience ROBS as a true family school. Our volunteers help in classes, eat lunch or breakfast on campus with their children, and work hard to keep every aspect of our school humming. Throughout the years, we’ve found that when our parents participate in how our school runs, we sustain and demonstrate a culture of mutual respect, transparency, generosity, and love. 

Teach the little’uns

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Assist grounds crew on weekends

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God’s eye is on the sparrow.

Yours needs to be on the pennies.

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Because Christian spiritual education is central to our mission, ROBS only hires employees who profess the Christian faith. ROBS does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, or national origin.

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