About ROBS

As soon as visitors step foot on the River Oaks Baptist School campus, one thing is immediately apparent–this is a community that cares. We care about each other. We care about our community. And most importantly, we care about being and doing our best.

This passion for ambitious academics and abiding Christian values is rooted in the idea that Christ’s grace forms the template for our lives: do your best, recognize where you’ve missed the mark, and take advantage of the acceptance, understanding, and support that will help you do better next time.

With this at the core of everything we do, we build intellect and character as one, and when ROBS students complete their journey here and go on to high school, we know they are taking with them a strong mind guided by a good heart.

At ROBS, wonder and worldview are one, and we bring ethics, compassion, confidence, and great love–for ourselves, for each other, and for God–to everything we do.

Houston has many fine schools. Like fingerprints, each has its own unique mission and culture. This website will give you a sense of what school could be like for your child next year. Of course, the best thing is to spend some time with us.

Mission Statement

The mission of River Oaks Baptist School is to prepare its students to meet life’s challenges and lead tomorrow’s world through a superior educational program undergirded by faith in Jesus Christ and Christian principles.

We believe that strong foundations are built upon:

  • Balanced growth of the interdependent aspects of human nature—intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, and social.
  • Principles of responsibility, diligence, and cooperation, as well as respect for diversity and the dignity of the individual; and
  • Skills in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and effective communication.


We believe that our students will reach their fullest growth in a school environment which:

  • Encourages students, faculty, and staff to see themselves as uniquely created by God with special qualities and gifts for development;
  • Balances high expectations with developmentally-appropriate nurturing; and
  • Works cooperatively with parents in concert with the School’s mission for the benefit of the student.

Diversity Mission Statement

The River Oaks Baptist community acknowledges and respects the diversity that exists in our ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, the languages we speak, the traditions we observe, our financial and educational resources, how we learn, and the special needs and gifts that we may have. River Oaks Baptist School believes that welcoming people with diverse points of view and being sensitive to the interests and traditions of others while remaining true to our Christian foundation emulates Christ-like principles of living.

River Oaks Baptist School is committed to a diverse School community whose members embrace the Mission Statement, the School’s religious teachings and values, and policies of the School by:

  • Attracting, retaining, and supporting a diverse student-body and their families who acknowledge and accept that Christian principles will be integrated into all areas of school life;
  • Attracting, retaining, and supporting a diverse faculty and administration who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior;
  • Actively teaching and advocating the appreciation and valuing of diversity throughout the School and community.

Strategic plan

For over 60 years, River Oaks Baptist School has been driven by an audacious dream: to offer an ambitious academic program while holding fast to our Christian roots. We have always believed that cultivating children’s intellect, spirituality, and character are inextricably intertwined. We are now pursuing another big plan—construction of a new Middle School building completely designed around the way children learn best.

Research tells us learning environments matter. 

Kids flourish in light-filled spaces, with ample room for active learning; in outdoor areas with breeze and sunshine; in flexible spaces with the freedom to experiment; and in quiet nooks for reflection and solitude. We are building just such a place.

Our new building is designed to strengthen the bonds among students, teachers, and the entire ROBS community.

Each grade will “own” a whole floor, complete with classrooms, an advanced science lab, and a spacious room where the entire grade can gather. Outdoor terraces and balconies will extend classrooms, while a room for Bible instruction and an adjacent prayer garden will provide a peaceful sanctuary.

The additional space allows for the expansion of our curriculum and our student body. 

The building will include a versatile black-box theater; dedicated music rooms for instrumental and choral instruction; studio spaces for visual arts; a high tech hub for robotics, graphic design, and photography; and an underground parking garage. While our student body will grow, individual class size will diminish.

Our formula for success has produced a unique school environment in which kids love learning.

Over the years, you have helped generations of children define their dreams, grow their faith in God, and go forth confidently into the world. Today, we have another ambitious vision, one we can only achieve with God’s grace and your support.

Join us!